Jun 4, 2012

Lust List: Cartier Nail Bracelet!

The original nail bracelet (recently shown in Pharrell Williams’ Essentials) was designed exclusively for Cartier back in the 1970s during the glory days of Studio 54 by Aldo Chipuro. Along with a few other pieces in the precious metal ‘nail’ collection, the bracelet is seeing a classic reissue for the modern, albeit slightly rebellious man. The concept is quite simple: each bracelet is bent from a singular white or yellow gold nail. That’s it. But, I'm not sure why it's only for men, I would def. wear it... But, with the price of $ 7 500 it's will stay on my lust list ....

Originalnu Nail narukvicu je ekskluzivno za Cartier dizajnirao Aldo Chipuro jos 1970, slavnih godina Studia 54... Ova narukvica je prvenstveno namenjena muskarcima, mada bih je i ja rado nosila, ako zanemarimo cenu od $ 7 500 zbog koje ce ona verovatno i ostati na mojoj lust listi :)

Nadam se da ce je neka od street style kuca uskoro izimirati:)

Kako se vama cini??


  1. Dobar ekser! Me like me ;)

  2. oooo, i ja bih je rado ponela :)
    Moram da odem do gvoždjare i uzmem najveći ekser i obojim ga autolakom :)

  3. Jako originalno!
    Cekam kopjie sa manjom cenom :)))

  4. Jovana, idem i ja sa tobom! Hihihihi

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    1. Hej Mina, blog ti je odlican, pratim ga vec neko vreme. :)

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