Jul 2, 2012

Style Crush: Bianca Brandolini D'Abba


Bianca Brandolini is  noble Italian socilite with the body of a supermodel and a killer list of contacts in the fashion industry. She has incredible taste and is always front row (she loves Gianbattista Valli and Fendi to name a few) and can be found in the summer holidaying in St. Tropez with Lapo Elkann (heir to the FIAT throne) her on off boyfriend for many years. She knows the who's who in fashion and hob-knobs with the best of them, she's besties with Olivia Palermo and her fabulous mother was a muse to Valentino so she's a regular at his place. This girl has the ideal life... now to find me an automobile heir (or any heir really)... the hunt is on! 

Bianca Brandolini je devojka iz italijanskog visokog drustva i plemickog porekla sa telom supermodela i ubistvenom listom kontakata iz modne industrije. Nju uvek mozete videti u prvom redu na revijama kao i u najnovijoj kampanju za Dolce & Gabbanu. Lepotu i Stil je nasledila od svoje majke koja je inace bila Valentinova muza. Leti je mozete sresti u St. Tropezu gde letuje sa svojim deckom inace nalsednikom Fiata ili na jesen u NYC kako pije kafu sa svojom super stylish najboljiom drugaricom Oliviom Palermo... Cini se da ova devojka ima sve, zar ne :)



  1. jel joj ovo decko ili tata? :)...i pored odlicne garderobe,strasan je... a ona mi je super...

  2. Prelepa je. Ima super stil i odeca joj lepo stoji!

  3. Kakav prelep osmeh na prvoj slici!

  4. super styling ali on je pakao:)
    ona bas ima upecatljivo lice, a i stil...super je

  5. Beauty and the beast! :P
    Ima fantastičan stil! :)

  6. Lapo Elkan i ona su bas stylish par!

  7. She has a very strong face and almost masculine features but it's obvious she plays to this very well and always looks amazing!!



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