Aug 8, 2013

Icons reinvented: Multi finger ring!

When it comes to jewelry rarely does jewelry from the runway become such a huge street style trend, because focus is mainly on clothes, shoes and bags. But, these Balenciaga rings are something else.

They were first noticed on runway, and that later on Elena Perminova, the member of the famous Russian pack, if you like them you can find them on Facebook page Casia Verde.

The thing you maybe didn't know it that multi finger rings are new thing, they were worshiped in China during the period of Ming and Qing dynasties, and they used to be given as an express of admiration. Cool story, right ? So why wont we continue the tradition, give them to someone you love and admire :)

Kada je rec o nakitu, retko je slucaj da nakit sa piste  zazivi na ulici, zato sto je uglavnom fokus na tasnama i cipelama i naravno odeci. Kada je rec o ovom Balenciaga prstenju situacija je ima malo drugacija:)

Oni su prvo primeceni na pisti, potom na Eleni Perminovoj, clanici cuvenog Russian packa, a ukoliko se Vama dopadaju mozete ih pronaci na stranici Casia Verde .

Multi finger prstenje nije nova stvar, ono datira jos iz stare Kine odnosno vremena dinastija Ming i Qing, tada su poklanjani kao simbol divljenja, a dobre tradicije ipak ne treba menjati, zar ne ?

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